Being Productive While Also Being Easily-Distracted: My Approach

Being Productive When You're Easily Distracted

Working from home full-time is a privilege I am glad to have. Since I’m easily distracted and doing deliverable-based work, being able to control my environment is a gift… but it’s not a gift that I can maintain if I’m not productive.

As much as when working anywhere else, I must be productive if I expect to continue working from home. Same goes for you, too.

I’ve been easily distracted for as a long as I can remember. My mind is constantly looking for ways to get off-task. As a kid, I wanted and intended to do homework but struggled to remain focused.

This is why I don’t get lost in the details- I just lose them completely.

It took me most of my adult life, but I finally figured out an approach that allows me to be productive. If you’re like me – distracted by shiny things, Reddit posts, SMS notifications, and anything that blinks or beeps – you might find some value in giving this approach a go.

I’ve learned two things that empower me to be productive: controlling my environment, and the “give it a minute” approach.

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