Small Business SEO Isn’t About Rankings Anymore

When I first got into SEO, it was some black magic that most people not only didn’t understand, but didn’t see the value in. Most small business owners had large Yellow Pages budgets, and for many, a website – nevermind SEO – wasn’t on the radar.

Of course, things have changed, and small business has adopted digital as the ad platform of choice.

Still, the understanding of SEO – or lack of it – didn’t change. What really changed is the column on the ledger where budgets go; Yellow Pages lost out to PPC, website development, and SEO. But with respect to SEO itself, most people don’t “get it”.

I get that.

Good news: SEO isn’t a black magic anymore. In fact, proper SEO is a transparent process that works in harmony with your larger business goals.

SEO in 2017 is very different than SEO in 2014 (itself an evolution of how SEO was done compared to years before it), and so on.

One big change? Rankings.

Or, specifically, how they don’t matter much anymore to your local small business.

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An Introduction to The Business Behind Niche Content Websites

Every day, billions of people from all over the world navigate the internet.

Using desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other internet-connected devices, people everywhere are constantly searching for and engaging with new content.

The continuous creation and consumption of content drives a multi-billion dollar advertising and publishing industry; an industry that has produced tens of thousands of millionaires and provides an income to hundreds of thousands of digital entrepreneurs, content creators, and web marketers.

In this post I’m going to write a high-level overview about what you need in order to start earning your own piece of that multi-billion dollar pie.

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One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is being able to influence real change in the lives of those that work with and for you.

During my time with Neatfreak I gained a lot of hands-on experience in a small business management setting that taught me a lot about staff, motivation, and the qualities you need to be an effective leader.

It’s also where I learned that I greatly prefer to let others lead and leave myself to the strategy.

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Being Productive While Also Being Easily-Distracted: My Approach

Working from home full-time is a privilege I am glad to have. Since I’m easily distracted and doing deliverable-based work, being able to control my environment is a gift… but it’s not a gift that I can maintain if I’m not productive.

As much as when working anywhere else, I must be productive if I expect to continue working from home. Same goes for you, too.

I’ve been easily distracted for as a long as I can remember. My mind is constantly looking for ways to get off-task. As a kid, I wanted and intended to do homework but struggled to remain focused.

This is why I don’t get lost in the details- I just lose them completely.

It took me most of my adult life, but I finally figured out an approach that allows me to be productive. If you’re like me – distracted by shiny things, Reddit posts, SMS notifications, and anything that blinks or beeps – you might find some value in giving this approach a go.

I’ve learned two things that empower me to be productive: controlling my environment, and the “give it a minute” approach.

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New Article on

I woke up happy to see my first published article for on the front page.

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This article is an honest conversation about what I learned when I let my success get to my head. Instead of grinding and pushing to achieve more, I decided to ride on my results.

Even though this happened more than 11 years ago, I still think about it almost every day.