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I founded Watches You Can Afford (WYCA) in 2013 because I was frustrated that there wasn’t much on the web that taught me about affordable watches. Review websites were mostly focused on high-end watches, and what information about affordable watches I could find was obvious affiliate spam.

WYCA aims to introduce readers to quality watches that are inexpensive and offer a lot of bang for the buck. Reviews are honest and unbiased, with any advertising relationships disclosed.

WYCA is my passion project and is updated infrequently with meaningful, best-in-class content.

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I am the managing editor for WYCA and also the primary content contributor.

Check out my author profile on WYCA. My latest 10 posts are displayed via the feed below.

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  • Worn & Reviewed: D1 Milano SkeletonWorn & Reviewed: D1 Milano Skeleton
    Is This Affordable Skeleton Automatic Destined for Your Wrist? Words/Photography: Me. A reader supplied this D1 Milano Skeleton for review. A few weeks ago I received an unusual but welcome email. A reader is getting married and bought this watch to wear for his wedding. He reached out to me asking if I would review it and share my thoughts on it. I agreed, and a week later this Italian Skeleton watch was sitting in… Read more »
  • Karl-Leimon Classic Pioneer Triple Calendar MoonphaseKarl-Leimon Classic Pioneer Triple Calendar Moonphase
    A Tasteful & Reserved Dress Watch From a Japanese Microbrand Words/Photography: Me. Karl-Leimon provided this watch at no-cost for the purpose of this review/shoot. Please read more about our review policies. The last several years have been interesting for the world of watches. You could say that crowdfunding has kickstarted new life into an old industry, and microbrands like Karl-Leimon are the result. This particular watch was successfully Kickstarted in late 2017, with backers beginning… Read more »
  • Tried & Tested: Thomas Earnshaw Longitude ES-8803-02Tried & Tested: Thomas Earnshaw Longitude ES-8803-02
    It’s One of the Most Eye-Catching Watches to Come Across My Desk Yet Words/Photography: Me. Model: Bryce McD. Thomas Earnshaw provided this watch at no-cost for the purpose of this review/shoot. Please read more about our review policies. When it comes to marketing and brand awareness, Thomas Earnshaw is on a tear. They are hitting up influencers left and right to chat about their latest watches. I’ve reviewed two other Thomas Earnshaw watches recently: the… Read more »
  • On My Wrist: Akerfalk First SeasonOn My Wrist: Akerfalk First Season
    A Change in Perspective- It’s About Time! Words/Photography: Me. Akerfalk provided this watch at no-cost for the purpose of this review/shoot. Please read more about our review policies. Akerfalk watches is a fashion-centric microbrand watch company based out of Sweden. The First Season, currently their only model, comes in many flavors and rings in at a reasonable $248 direct from their website. The 24-hour dial is an unusual convention, and it’s this trait that separates… Read more »
  • Timex Expedition Scout Review: Go On An Adventure!Timex Expedition Scout Review: Go On An Adventure!
    An Affordable & Always Useful Field Watch The Timex wing of my watch collection is now home to eight watches, with several modern quartz Timex staples – the Weekender, Weekender Chrono, and Expedition Field Chronograph – sitting beside numerous vintage Timex automatics. The collection is a mixture of old and new, and I think showcases the best from one of one of America’s most enduring watch brands. Since 2013 I’ve reviewed almost every line Timex… Read more »
  • Christmas 2018 His & Hers Watch Giveaway!
    Looking to win a matching his & hers watch set? Check out the contest details below and enter with the big blue buttons! The winners will be displayed on this page at 9 am MST on December 25! (function() { var se = document.createElement('script'); se.type = 'text/javascript'; se.async = true; se.src = '//'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(se, s); })(); Sorry you need JavaScript enabled to embed this contest. Click here to visit the contest page.Contests… Read more »
  • Review: Eoniq Alster AutomaticReview: Eoniq Alster Automatic
    Your Chance to Be a Watch Designer Words/Photography: Me / Model: Don Comacho If you fancy yourself a watch designer but lack the technical or artistic ability to do so, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of companies out there that will let you “design” your own watch from the comfort of your web browser. Eoniq is one such company, and in the “design your own watch” niche, they’re also the brand… Read more »
  • Reviewed: Thomas Earnshaw Lady AustralisReviewed: Thomas Earnshaw Lady Australis
    A Fashion-Focused Automatic Watch for the Ladies Words/Photography: Me / Model: Melissa The second of three Thomas Earnshaw’s that will be found reviewed here on WYCA, the Lady Australis is a bedazzled 36mm automatic that features feminine accents that are eye-catching but not quite over the top. It’s an aesthetic hit (according to the ladies in my life that have seen it) thanks to the generous amount of jewels and the open heart display that… Read more »
  • Hands-On: Nordgreen Philosopher CollectionHands-On: Nordgreen Philosopher Collection
    Danish Design Comes to a Wrist Near You Words/Photography: Me / Models: Melissa Martel / Doncommando There’s a place in every wardrobe for items of great design, and I’d posit to you that such a description is fitting for the Philosopher collection by Nordgreen. Styled by notable Scandinavian designer, Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen watches are meant to embody excellent style with an overarching focus on sustainability and social responsibility.  Nordgreen is a young microbrand with three collections: Infinity,… Read more »
  • Photo Feature: MQT Horlogère Suisse Essential Four LadiesPhoto Feature: MQT Horlogère Suisse Essential Four Ladies
    The Hers to the His, & Just as Good Words/Photography: Me / Model: Melissa Martel A few weeks back I posted an in-depth review of the MQT Horlogère Suisse Four Gent, an inexpensive Swiss-made quartz and sapphire piece that I think is worth a look for the gentlemen seeking a good-looking dress watch. MQT also sent over the Ladies version of the Essential Four, and like the gentlemen’s version, it’s made well and with quality materials.… Read more »
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