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  • The 2020 Lotus Evija: a 2,000hp EV That Starts at $2.1 MillionThe 2020 Lotus Evija: a 2,000hp EV That Starts at $2.1 Million
    Lotus, the storied British car brand best known for its Elise and Evora sports cars, unveiled the ultra-exotic Evija earlier today. In addition to giving the much-teased “Type 130” a proper nameplate, the Evija is also notable beyond the grandeur that its specifications provide: the all-electric hypercar is also the first car released by the brand since its purchase by Geely Automobile Holdings a year ago. And what a car it is. Big Numbers Lotus has… Read more »
  • Hiring: News Curator
    Wanted: Petrolheads That Want to Use Their Motormouths The automotive world has never been more exciting. Between incredible technologies unleashing awe-inspiring performance in the latest supercars to the time-tested iron powering America’s classic sports cars, there’s never been a better time to be a gearhead. If you’re reading this thinking “hell yea”, keep reading! We’re looking for a gasoline-obsessed, turbocharged, direct-injected personality to introduce our growing readership to the latest and greatest in the world… Read more »
  • Introducing the New McLaren Speedtail: 250+ mph, 1000+ HP, $2.2M Pricetag. Wow.Introducing the New McLaren Speedtail: 250+ mph, 1000+ HP, $2.2M Pricetag. Wow.
    Meet the new Speedtail – an aptly-named addition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series. This limited-edition car, of which only 106 examples will be built, represents McLaren’s unyielding pursuit of top-speed. As of today, only three cars fall under McLaren’s Ultimate Series designation: the P1, the Senna, and now, the Speedtail. The Speedtail is also the first of 18 new models that McLaren intends to unveil between now and 2025. Whereas other McLaren’s blend handling, acceleration, top speed, and… Read more »
  • [Gallery] Highlights From London Concours 2018[Gallery] Highlights From London Concours 2018
    Words: Cameron Martel | Photos: Marco Costa On June 7 and June 8, the world-renown London Concours took place on what could not have been a better day. The weather was fantastic, the crowd was excited, and the feeling electric. After all, the London Concours is one of the most popular car shows on the planet. Cars are broken down into six classes: fast, faster, very fast, hyperfast, super fast, and era defining. Some of the most incredible and… Read more »
  • The Dodge Stealth: The Domestic Supercar Nobody Bought
    When you think of Dodge, you’re probably thinking of big trucks and certain types of snakes. Known far and wide for their monstrous (and monstrously powerful) Hemi, Dodge is a brand that has tied their name to big, loud, and torquey V8 and V10 engines. However, there was a time when Dodge played around with turbochargers and all-wheel-drivetrains. It was during this time that you could find quirky, albeit flawed, cars like the Omni GLH… Read more »
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