Company Profile

Marketing4ECPs is a subsidiary of POD Marketing. In 2014 I joined POD Marketing as the Director of Website & Technology. In 2017 I pivoted to an SEO/content hybrid role, taking on ownership of two departments as the Manager of SEO & Content Solutions.

I manage a team of 5 and am responsible for the creation and execution of our content and SEO solutions. In addition to owning the general operations of my two departments, I also coach and mentor a half-dozen professionals.


  • Own the SEO strategies of more than 50 small business located across North America
  • Create and refine products to ensure they meet performance expectations while also maintaining acceptable COGS.
  • Develop, coach, and mentor my team and several other professionals within the organization.
  • Meet with new and existing clients regarding content and SEO strategies, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and general marketing strategy.
  • Speak at industry events, marketing conferences, and local small business centres.
  • Directly or indirectly manage/support more than $1 million in annual revenue.

Thought Leadership

I infrequently contribute to our company blog. A feed of my latest posts is below.

  • Writing for the Web: 2019 EditionWriting for the Web: 2019 Edition
    As the head of our SEO and content departments, I spend a good deal of time wrangling the written word into a workable state. In addition to helping my amazing alliteration skills, my content-focused work keeps me at the forefront of digital communication. Every day I learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and how to do it better. In this post, I am going to distill some of my learnings down into actionable steps… Read more »
  • Optometry & SEO: The Keywords You Should Actually Be Paying Attention ToOptometry & SEO: The Keywords You Should Actually Be Paying Attention To
    Every day I stare at client SEO results and try to understand what Google is trying to tell me. Ranking changes tell a story that is deeper than what most people realize. Buried in the spreadsheets of keywords, ranking positions, and traffic statistics is a story waiting to be told. You just have to listen. This assertion comes from having spent many hours in recent weeks assessing the ROI – return on investment – from… Read more »
  • You Built Your Website, Now Let’s Talk SEO (Part II)
    In Jill’s recent post (I Built a Website, Now What?), she went over in fair detail different types of marketing that you can leverage to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is important; it will yield the return on investment you’re seeking. This is especially true of SEO, where following some technical best-practices and getting a little creative can yield dividends. But SEO is this mysterious process that nobody seems to really understand, right? Unfortunately,… Read more »
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